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Contact form and SMTP email in SE4.8.9

Discussion in 'Help Requests & Support' started by KMOne, Sep 8, 2015.

  1. KMOne Thread starter Novice member

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    Please, how to settings contact form and SMTP email in SE4.8.9?
    Please, step by step, if it's posible.

    Thanks in advanced for your help!
  2. MisterWizard Moderator

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    My version of SE:
    Please start here to setup your sites email system
    Admin Panel - Settings > Mail Settings

    Last Updated: Sep 12, 2014 03:57PM PDT
    From the Mail Settings menu in your admin control panel, you can set the name and email address from which you would like admin correspondence to be sent, change email queuing settings, and select which server to use for outgoing mail.


    Contact Form Email

    Enter the email address you want contact form messages to be sent to when users click on the "Contact" link.


    Normally the "Contact" link can be found in your footer menu of your site.


    From Name

    Enter the name you want the emails from the system to come from in the field below.


    From Address

    Enter the email address you want the emails from the system to come from in the field below.


    **Note: This email address is not in any way connected to your contact form address or the email that will receive administrator notifications. Administrator notifications go to the first Super Administrator currently registered on your site.

    Mail Count

    The number of emails to send out of the mail queue each time the Background Mailer task is run in the Task Scheduler.


    Email Queue

    Utilizing an email queue, you can allow your website to throttle the emails being sent out to prevent overloading the mail server.


    **Note: When using the Email All Members feature in the Admin Panel, all email will be put in the mail queue to avoid flooding your system's mail server even if you have selected "No, always send emails immediately".

    Send through SMTP

    Select if you would like emails to be sent through the built-mail() function or through the SMTP server. For most email notifications, the built-in mail function should be sufficient for your server. However, if your server does not have a built-in mail server or you plan to use your site to send many mass emails, you might want to consider switching to send through an SMTP server and using a mailing service such as SendGrid to handle the load of your emails without jeopardizing your server's limitations.


    Common Issues

    If you notice that mail is not getting sent from your site. There are a couple of things you may want to check.
    1. Is the Background Mailer task running in the Task Scheduler?

      If the Background Mailer task has not succeeded in a long time or you notice that none of the tasks after the Background Mailer task have not run, you may have an issue with your mail queue.

      If the Task Scheduler is not running
      Please see the article on Task Scheduler and try using different settings on the Task Scheduler Settings page.

      If the tasks after the Background Mailer task are not running
      There maybe an issue with the Background Mailer, please check the error logs in the Log Browser for more information.
    2. If it is none of these issues, please check the Basic Email Troubleshooting article for more troubleshooting tips.

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