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Retail Plugin [SEAddons] Content Profiles - Cover Photo, Banner & Site Branding Plugin

Discussion in 'Plugins & Widgets' started by Aeroaiei, Feb 2, 2014.

  1. Aeroaiei Thread starter User

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    My version of SE:
    Do main content pages on your site look dull? Do you want content profiles on your site to appear more expressive, professional or branded?

    This plugin enables you to have attractive content profiles on your website with Cover Photos, Elegant Tabs, Information widget, various action links and more! You can upload Default Cover Photo for content types, which the content owners can then change individually. And what's more: With Member Level settings like different default content cover photos for the various Member Levels, ability to edit / upload content's cover photo based on Member Level, and other administrative settings, this plugin also provides opportunities for Site-branding and Monetization!

    • Content Cover Photos are attractively shown in mouse-over Info Tooltips in posts. (Dependent on Advanced Activity Feeds / Wall Plugin)
    • Cover Photos provide stronger identity to their content.
    • Cover Photos can be used to showcase latest happenings in their respective content like Groups, Pages, Businesses, etc.
    • Cover Photos, which make content look more attractive and provide stronger branding, alsomotivate content owners to keep their content updated and create new content, which increases activity on your website.
    • To ensure uniqueness of Cover Photos, content owners can add content related images as cover photos (example, Groups and Pages can add their banners, Businesses and Stores can showcase their ongoing offers, etc.)
    • Default Cover Photo:
      • Attractive Cover Photos for Content Profiles.
      • Site admin can add different Default Cover Photos for different content types created by content owners belonging to different Member Levels.
      • From Member Level Settings, Site Admin can configure the ability for content owners belonging to selected Member Levels to upload and edit Cover Photos for their content. Thus, this ability for Cover Photo editing can be given to only Privileged Users, thus acting as a revenue potential.
      • Default Cover Photo can be used for website's branding, or for showcasing an advertiser's banner. (Another revenue potential.)
    • Elegant and Attractive Tabs: on Content Profile pages with Tab Container placed inside the Content Cover Photo and Information widget. [admin configurable.]
    • Action Links on other Member's Content Profiles: When members of your site view other members' content profiles, then action links like Share, Report, Join Page (in Directory / Pages Plugin), Like (Dependent on Free Likes Plugin and Widgets or Advanced Facebook Integration / Likes, Social Plugins and Open Graph), etc are shown.
    • Action Links on Own's Content Profiles: When content owners view their own Content Profiles, then actions links like Edit Content Settings (Content’s Profile Options), etc are shown. Along with these links content owners will also be able to:
      • Upload a large horizontal image that shows upon the top of their Content Profiles.
      • Choose to add photos from their Albums.
      • Reposition the cover photo.
      • Edit the Photo by uploading new photo or choosing from the photo albums.
      • Remove the content profile photo.
      • Choose to upload a content profile picture, choose from album photos.
      • Remove the cover photo.
    • Users can also "Like" content profiles that they like. [Dependent on Free Likes Plugin and Widget] [admin configurable]
    • Mobile Compatibility: This plugin is compatible with our "Mobile / Tablet Plugin".
    • Content Cover Photo and Information widget enables content owners to choose a cover photo for their Content and displays this Cover Photo with Content’s Profile Photo, Content Title and various Action Links like - Content’s Profile Options, Share, Report, etc on that content's profile.
    • Mobile - Content Cover Photo and Information: Attractively displays content profiles on mobiles and tablets. [dependent on "Mobile / Tablet Plugin"]
    • Admins will be able to upload a default cover photo for different content types on their sites.
    • Site admins can choose to allow content owners to upload cover photos based on their Member Levels.
    • Site admin can add different default cover photos based on Member Levels.
    • Enable / disable consistent view of profile picture block.
    • Choose the placement of Tab Container in Content Cover Photo and Information widget on Content Profile page.

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    Nice share, thanks. Also, next time state clearly - is plugin nulled, and also who is original plugin maker...
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  3. paolo12345678 User

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    My version of SE:
    Anyone have this plugin nulled ?:)
  4. paolo12345678 User

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    My version of SE:

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