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Free Plugin SEaddons - Profile Types and Member Levels Mapping v4.2.3

Discussion in 'Plugins & Widgets' started by Andrew Cross, Sep 18, 2013.

  1. Andrew Cross Thread starter User

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    This plugin enables you to map Profile Types to Member Levels on your site. At the time of signup, based on the mapping that has been set in the plugin, users are automatically assigned to a Member Level according to the Profile Type selected by them.

    This removes a lot of your efforts in manually assigning Member Levels to users from your site's admin panel. While creating a new mapping between a Profile Type and a Member Level, you can also choose to assign the mapped Member Level to the existing site users of that Profile Type.

    A lot of SocialEngine plugins allow you to configure features and site accesses differently for users of different Member Levels. Currently, site Admins can only manually assign Member Levels to each site member. However, this plugin does it automatically for you based on the Profile Type selected by the users during signup.

    Thus, this plugin allows you to provide the desired experiences and features to the different Member Levels on your site right from the beginning. Site admins can also view member listings for the various Profile Types.
    • Create a new Profile Type to Member Level mapping for automatically assigning the desired Member Levels to users at the time of signup.
    • Manage (edit and delete) the Profile Types to Member Levels mappings.
    • Assign Member Levels to the existing site members based on their Profile Types.
    • View member listings for the various Profile Types, and search users in them.

      More Info

      This is a FREE plugin from SocialEngine Addons

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  2. Marcobussum User

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    Can someone reupload this plugin?

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