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Retail Plugin [HE] Gift-4.2.1p11

Discussion in 'Plugins & Widgets' started by MisterWizard, Sep 2, 2013.

  1. MisterWizard Thread starter Moderator

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    Gifts plugin [IMG]

    Gamification is one of popular social media trends, we have developed a line of plugins which brings game play elements into SocialEngine. Try them on your social network!

    Reward members for posting social media content and interaction with each others - let them earn Credits, it is fun and rewarding. Let them to translate credits into real goods, discounts and gifts. Let members to send Virtual Gifts to friends on Birthdays, Valentine's Day, Christmas - it is the most easiest way to reward your members for their activity.

    You can create as many Virtual Gifts as you would like and link them to any holiday. It can be not only a photo, but also a video or even a music. It automatically suggests members to send a gift on their friends birthday or on holidays - it is simple and fun.

    Sending gift templates cause loss of significance of gifts and don't excite as it should. Using Virtual Gifts members can send personal and own created videos, photos and audio files. It can be a declaration of love, greetings from the kids, photos from the anniversary, and so on. Personal Gift makes the process of receiving, and even creating of the gift very interesting and exciting.

    Virtual Gifts plugin is specially developed for Credits plugin, to extend its rewarding part, that's why Credits plugin is required.

    Virtual Gifts plugin features:
    • Browse Gifts. It is widgetized page where you can browse gifts:
      Recent gifts displays recently created gifts;
      Actual gifts. It automatically suggests gifts which are actual for this day - Valentine's Day, etc.
      Photo gifts;
      Video gifts displays video-gifts with preview option.
      Audio gifts displays audio-gifts with option to listen audio files;
    • Categories. Gifts can be categorized like: Birthday gifts, Love gifts, etc. It makes easy to browse and find exact gifts for your members.
    • Send Gifts. Gifts can be sent in two ways: using a special `Send Gift` link on Member Profile page OR clicking on any wished gift on Browse Gifts page. What does it allow:
      View Gifts - member can listen to audio file or play video before sending it to friends;
      Personal Message - member can send personal message together with the selected gift;
      Preview Gift - member can check how the gift will be displayed on the recipient profile page;
      Public or Private Gift - members can send public gift or send the gift privately so his name and message is visible only to the recipient;
      Select Many Friends - members are allowed to send a gift to many friends per time, it allows to easily browse and and search friends;
      Credits - admin can set price in credits to each gift, so members can exchange credits to gifts;
    • Personal Gifts. It allows to send personal gifts: like own video, photo and music. It is much interesting and funny. The process is very easy:
      - Select type of Gift: Photo, Audio or Video;
      - Upload the Gift;
      - Select Friends and send it;
      Please note, that Video-Gifts requires FFMPEG module to convert videos, it is usually pre-installed in most of servers. If it is missing then you can request your hosting provider to set up FFMPEG for your site.
    • Gift On Member Profile. It allows to display a received gift on Profile photo on Member Profile page, with all needed details(if it is public gift): sender name, personal message and options to play video or listen audio.
    • Sent Gifts page displays list of member's sent gifts with details: sent date, recipient, message, etc
    • Received Gifts page displays list of member's received gifts with options to decline the gift, show on profile page and delete. It displays all details of gift: preview, sender name, message, etc.
    • Birthday widget. If one of your friends' birthday is coming then it automatically suggests you to send him a virtual gift.
    • Limited Gifts. You can create a special gifts which are limited in number, for example, you can set limit to 3 for Red Rose gift, so there will be only 3 Red Roses in your social network - one more way to excite members and increase significance of gifts.

    Admin Features:
    • Gifts Management. It allows you to browse gifts, search them by title, type(photo, audio, video) or category, enable/disable or edit gift details.
    • Create Gifts. You can create photo, audio or video gift, with title, price in credits or free, make the gift limited or unlimited, select a category, set start and end time within the gift will be displayed in Actual Gifts section.
    • Categories. You can create a new categories, edit and delete existing gifts categories.
    • Personal Gifts. You can set price in credits for personal gifts which are created by members.
    • Duplicate Gifts. It allows you to create a copy of any gift with pre-filled details, you just need to select an unique photo(video/audio) for the gift.

    What's coming? We understand importance of Personal gifts - it is much fun and interesting, it increases significance virtual gifts. We're going to improve this part by adding Take Photo from Webcam and Record Video features. Please stay tuned!

    Demo: http://demo.hire-experts.com/

    Requirements: SocialEngine version >= 4.18; Credits


    [IMG] [IMG] [IMG] [IMG] [IMG] [IMG] [IMG] [IMG][IMG] [IMG]

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  2. SPQR Super-Moderator

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    Soon it will be 'fixed'.... :dji:
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  3. nadri Administrator

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    You always must to 'fix' something...and to fix.....:caitious:
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    Very useful plugin. What kind of gifts I can attach? Mb music files or money credits? o_0 :dji:
  5. SPQR Super-Moderator

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    Visit original maker site, and find out what kind of gifts you can attach...

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