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Free Plugin SEaddons - Likes Plugin and Widgets

Discussion in 'Plugins & Widgets' started by Andrew Cross, Sep 18, 2013.

  1. Andrew Cross Thread starter User

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    My version of SE:
    This plugin extends and greatly enhances the Likes system of SocialEngine. It allows users to like more content types and also member profiles. This is a great tool for promoting quality content, and allows users to easily vote for(like) the content or profiles that they like, in one click! This highly configurable plugin also providesmultiple widgets for various content types showing the most liked items over multiple admin configurable durations like one week, one month, overall, etc.

    This plugin not only shows who all like a content item, but also shows what all a member likes, just like on Facebook. Thus, a user can see what all his friends like. A member can see who all like his content and profile.

    This plugin also enables users to send announcements / messages to all members who like their content or profiles.

    Plugin Features:
    • Integrates well with the existing in-built Like system of SocialEngine, and enhances it further.
    • New! Supports Likes for ALL plugins: Supports Likes for ANY content plugin that uses SocialEngine's in-built Likes system.
    • Supports Likes for Member Profiles. Members can enable/disable likes for their profiles. This is admin configurable.
    • Agregates all the Likes done by your site members.
    • Easy 1-click ajax based liking.
    • Admin customizable Like buttons.
    • Users can suggest their liked content and their own content to their friends (integration withSuggestions / Recommendations / People you may know & Inviter).
    • Integration with Facebook Like Buttons from Advanced Facebook Integration / Likes, Social Plugins and Open Graph plugin: If a user clicks on the Facebook Like Button for an item, the item will also be liked on your site. Thus, this will also lead to the action being propagated across your site, in the various widgets, likes pages, activity feeds, etc.
    • This can also be used as a favoriting system.
    • Contains additional pages such as:
      • Browse Liked Items: This widgetized page shows recent, popular and random liked items in different tabs. Also contains many admin configurable widgets.
      • My Friends' Likes: Shows the items liked by friends.
      • My Content: Shows the number of likes on the member's content such as Blog-posts, Albums, Groups, etc. Users can send announcements / collective-messages to all people who like their content and can easily suggest their content to friends.
      • Who Likes Me: Shows to users the members who like their profile. Users can send announcements / collective-messages to those people from here.
      • My Likes: Shows to users the content liked by them. Users can easily suggest those content to friends.
    • Provides many admin configurable widgets:
      • Most Liked Items (selected content): Shows most liked items for individual content types and for member profiles.
        • For each widget position, admin can choose the content type for which Likes should be shown.
        • This widget can contain tabs and admin can configure these to show most liked items over various durations like last week, last month, overall, etc in different tabs.
        • AJAX based widget.
        • Admin can choose amongst 2 layouts for these widgets: Listing and Thumbnail with Tooltip.
      • Most Liked Items: Shows most liked items belonging to various content types and member profiles. Other properties are similar to above widget.
      • Liked Items: Displays the Recent, Most Popular and Random liked content and profiles.
      • Likes (Everyone): Generalized widget for content profiles and member profiles. Displays the people who have Liked a content item.
      • Likes (Friends): Generalized widget for content profiles and member profiles. Displays the friends who have Liked a content item.
      • Like Buttons: Like buttons can be used for Member Profiles and ALL content types which have widgetized profile pages.
      • User Likes: Displays the content and profiles liked by members on their profiles.
    • Set visibility of pages and widgets available with this plugin for anonymous users.
    • Customize position of the link for Browse Liked Items page.
    • Customize Like buttons.
    • Add new content modules for Likes and Enable / disable modules for Likes.
    • Configure the tabs and other settings for the various Most Liked Items tabbed widgets.
    • Set the layout for tabbed widgets.
    • Configure which all content types should be part of Mixed Content for mixed content widgets.
    • Set the maximum number of items to be shown in widgets.

      This is a FREE plugin from SocialEnging Addons

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