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Nulled SocialEngine 4.8.6 NULLED VERSION

Discussion in 'General discussions' started by johannes1963, Oct 11, 2014.

  1. johannes1963 Thread starter User

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    SocialEngine 4.8.6 - Works Perfect

    • Fixed bug with Re-Captcha when SSL is enabled
    • Corrected order of forum posts added by Ning Importer. Fixes
    • Fixed bug with adding link to a wall post where image selector was not being displayed.
    • Background Mailer Task will run better now and not hang. Fixes
    • Fixed bug where the respective profile field column in field search table was not getting deleted after the deletion of a profile field. Fixes
    • Fixed social network mapping issue when multiple social networks are chosen during signup.
    • Fixed bug with menu editor where any custom menu added to Member Edit Profile Navigation was redirecting toBrowse Members page.
    • Fixed an error showing in the log that would be generated when changing the order of photos in an album
    • Fixed bug where bullets added via TinyMCE Editor were not being displayed in blogs.
    • Fixed a bug in discussions under Events and Groups where page UI was getting affected in certain cases because of HTML tags not closing after truncation.
    A note on upgrading
    Please do a complete backup of both the files and the database before initiating upgrade. If you have opened a support ticket and were given a code change that was applied to some of your files, take extra care to ensure that those are still correctly applied, or contact support and we’ll be able to re-apply them. Please get a developer to help you if you’re not comfortable with the process yourself.

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